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    Shandong SANNIS Culture (Ⅳ)

    Date:2015-7-24 10:18

      On a corporate culture propaganda page, it describes the corporate culture in force in the constraints, but also to share with you about the corporate culture of business success and growth of the relationship between individual employees article. The current cultural leaflets, we will continue to encourage everyone to introduce radiation and the role of corporate culture, innovative action, we want to help.
      Role of corporate culture
    Corporate culture has a major role in guiding, binding effect, radiation incentives, innovative action, unifying role.
    1, radiation and incentives: reflected in two aspects:
    First, when the maturity of their own culture, with the development of enterprises, companies involved in the field of broadening the scope and impact of corporate culture will be involved more widely, began to radiate outward, and even beyond the enterprise itself and the whole cultural social impact.
    Second, the corporate culture is a culture that once formed the atmosphere will be in daily business activities through various forms of "pervasive" penetrate into the thinking of members to go, and gradually form common values, encourage enterprise the majority of members, consciously and imperceptibly toward a unified goal.

    So what stories and radiation-related incentives exist around us do? These examples and how the community, the people have the effects of radiation and excitation function?

    We have to introduce a household name in our Qingdao ---- "dust."

      By the end of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster emergencies, a middle-aged couple walked into the Qingdao Red Cross, they said that a friend asked for the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster donation of 5 million, so that when a receipt when a staff member asked his name, They left behind the pseudonym of dust. In Qingdao Red Cross records, dust in the SARS period donation of two million, during the earthquake in Kashi donation of $ 50,000 for the children with leukemia donation $ 10,000 donation to the Hunan fifty thousand yuan for ordinary personal ...... donors, these number is not small, and this middle-aged couple said "people should have a compassionate, he was a very ordinary person, doing also very small, insignificant as a dust. We just want to quietly do the right thing. "
    The public-spirited, good-hearted people pseudonym dust, many donations and large amount, but it has been reluctant to show up. Thus, we began the search for dust Qingdao actions. Netizens have to express a message of respect and blessing dust. One user said: Our society needs such people who have public mind, not necessarily how much money it can, it is important to have such a love. Also I have friends that dust is a respectable person, she does not plan name, not for profit, just to do good in their own way, so the public in relation to respect for her life, but also hope that the word has become dust Qingdao a symbol of public welfare.
    In Qingdao, the dust is gather more love, more and more people in the donation, but also left the name of the dust, small dust, particles. Dust has gone beyond the name of a title, it does not leave a name and selfless assistance welfare groups, way of interpreting the spirit of love symbol, a public welfare fixed Qingdao brand. With lots of dust, Qingdao Red Cross fund-raising activities in full swing. The end of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Qingdao 434 Red Cross accepted social donations pen, do not reveal the names of individual donations accounted for 50%, with dust, small dust, particles in the name of individual donations accounted for 1/10.  

    Dust touched by the spirit of the people of Qingdao, Qingdao Pan Trademark Office and Qingdao Lei Xun Technology Development Co., Ltd. is willing to identify dust free agent for business registration and Internet real-name registration. Qingdao Red Cross collecting dust identity to the public, the public through text messaging, Internet, e-mail and other forms of vote for the dust to identify the public mind.
    June 1, 2005, Qingdao Red Cross launched the first 1000 dust badge, which is OK since the fallout of the first love loving identification products. The detachment badge reserve price 10 yuan, limited to the price, but the results of one thousand fine dust badge sale of 20 million.
    June 15, 2005, dust emblems, insignia and related information by the Qingdao Municipal Archives permanent collection. This is the first time since the founding of the museum collection of the overall activity of a public information City Archives Collection future events will track all information related to dust, continuously recorded civilization footprint of the city, to create a harmonious society adds beautiful scenery .
    Unknown, not in return, "dust" in Qingdao more and more, from one person to develop into a caring group, consisting of a group become a common trend. "Dust", has become a symbol of love of Qingdao, now in Qingdao, from urban to rural areas, streets and alleys, almost every book can see this donation signed "dust" of the record, next to nearly every donation station You will hear "I called dust" for an answer. Ten yuan, hundred, or even million, each pair of benevolent help, each faces a different look, are recorded under a common name - "dust"
    In 2006, the "dust" was named "2006 China moved people", the judges dust comment was: he came from the crowd, like a grain of dust, modest, tiny, little, not find, but everywhere. He says that he small, but great shape, this is not a person's name, which is the conscience of a city. Dust heart, love dust, the dust has settled, silent love!
    June 16, 2009, the movie "Looking dust" premiere in Beijing Jingxi Hotel Auditorium, Ni Ping, Tang Guoqiang, Wang Yumei, Zhao Bao Le, Chen Hao, Lin Yongjian and a number of well-known actor and native of Qingdao, willing to do, "dust" and does not count paycheck, truth interpretation of the many "dust" helping to save trapped, fraternity, charity traditional virtues. "Looking dust" has released in more than 80 cities across the country, "dust" deeds are People, CCTV News Network and other media widely widely read, "dust" spirit become a cultural connotation and cultural symbol of Qingdao.
      "Dust" spirit itself is a great love culture, speak concern, stressing solidarity, and moved to China's elected to make this great love of culture is from the original "two donation" individual behavior become synonymous with love and dedication of the entire Qingdao This shows an excellent culture for people's motivation is obvious and enormous. After the presentation, people have a better understanding of dust, there are more people to join the ranks of the selfless help of others, willing to love the culture of a dust. This is not exactly an incentive and radiation do!
    2, innovative role: good corporate culture is not conservative, but innovation, not shrink, but the courage to open up. We currently live in an era, rapid economic development, new things are happening in this case, the development of enterprises like riding a boat behind. Innovation role of corporate culture to ensure that enterprises can always maintain the advanced concepts, trend of the times. It is the enterprises to maintain the forward momentum of the energy source. Innovation is the theme of China's social and business is every enterprise to deficit to win the opportunity to be in the hands of every successful person that there must be magic. Innovation is the new ideas, new concepts began to solve problems by constantly, and finally to an economic and social value of new projects are successful practical application.
    When it comes to domestic car we should all know the "Great Wall", especially with its corresponding series pickup car. This is a unique and innovative form their own brand started to make their own impact and occupied the Chinese market enterprises.
    Baoding Great Wall Automobile, formerly known as a township enterprise, established in 1984, is mainly engaged in car modification. In 1990, 26-year-old Wei Jianjun contracted the assets of 300 million, a loss of nearly 200 million collective small factory, began his entrepreneurial history. Initially, the Wei army continued the Great Wall of original product positioning, production of light vans, but did 5 years, although there are profitable businesses, but it has done little. Wei Jianjun think twice this time, determined from the popular products to enter the last phase of his pickup.
    At that time, pickup manufacturers Qingling and other fields and only two or three, the total sales of the pickup market, but thousands of vehicles. May 1996, Wei army launched production of the Great Wall Deer pickup series, a hit in the country. In 1998, the Great Wall more than 7000 sales of pickups, became the industry leader. According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show material, the Great Wall pickup sales in the first six consecutive years.
    At the time of the Great Wall in the pickup market steadily advancing, Wei Jianjun began a series of acquisitions to expand. In early 2000, the Great Wall of holding a state-owned enterprise - North car factory, set up a "Great Wall Automobile Co., Ltd. in North China." 2001, Great Wall restructuring for the Company, and injected huge amounts of money again, the starting point to build a domestic industry with the largest production base for pickups.
    After fledging, the Great Wall company has decided to enter the SUV market. In June 2002, Great Wall Motor launched the first in the country of 8 million yuan of SUV Severin, rapid occupation of economical SUV market. Only six months, the Great Wall Severin SUV accounted for 16 percent of the domestic SUV market, ranking third in the industry. Great Wall SUV production and sales this year, has been ranked first in China. Great Wall this year's net profit of up to 500 million yuan.
      Great Wall proudest financial situation is very good, there are more than 600 million of liquidity, business has been profitable for 11 consecutive years. The book only 1 million yuan bank loans, but never move over. "Now the Great Wall is not a lack of funds, and second, no shortage of production capacity, we do not integrate other pickups business plan." But the Great Wall is not to engage in their own independent kingdom. Great Wall company said Great Wall Motor is now still independent development, but in the development of new products but also actively cooperate with foreign professional companies, the Great Wall is currently being developed K series SUV, its body is developed in cooperation with foreign companies. Great Wall Motor successfully listed in Hong Kong, as the multinational alliance provides a good foundation.

    Innovation is the lifeblood of the survival of the enterprise. As growth in the new era we should also have their own unique sense of innovation, so as to become a new era Nongchao
    So we Shandong SANNIS culture of innovation development of what?
    Shandong SANNIS to follow the "Fu Shan Shigenobu" corporate culture and core values, "I love SANNIS, SANNIN love our" corporate culture theme, and actively guide and mobilize their own posts staff rationalization proposals activities. Only the second half of 2014, the company received the staff rationalization proposals 42, after the effects of scientific validation and data collection, the final two first prize, second prize, third prize 1, Award 8.

    For example, two workshops 4 # line of new products, due to the special nature of the product state, there has been a large number of defective products in production. Two workshops and two maintenance personnel Lu Bing, Lisheng Jiang for this issue to study, discuss, design, and has put forward reasonable proposals, one solution to the lack of original equipment, two rationalization proposals put forward, so that the new product defect rate from 16% to 8%, greatly improving the product margins, so the above two juxtaposed rationalization proposal as the first prize.

    In addition to rationalization proposals, Shandong SANNIS also promote QC group activities, five workshops and Public Works have to respond to the company, the union called, have proposed a QC group activities under this sector subject to the actual situation, analyze the problem after half a year of time, Countermeasures , the effect of certification, re-analysis, and then implement, and finally to the problem has been effectively addressed. Rover Group organized in the mountains QC group activities and competitions, Shandong SANNIS QC group activities with professional validation countermeasures and good results from the Brothers to the fore, one capsule were two three prize. In addition, QC group activities a workshop "fish bone complaints reduced by 40%", also on behalf of the company participated in the Qingdao Water Development Co. competitions organized small group activities, and gains the first prize.

      The above examples illustrate, as long as we do, "based on their own positive thinking", through the daily work of serious study, deep thinking, on the job contribute actively to the Vosges mountains in our water enterprise to form a good culture of innovation, our business in the economic tide the waves, more brilliant.
    (To be continued)

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