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    Shandong SANNIS Culture (III)

    Date:2015-7-24 09:44

      On a corporate culture propaganda page, the origin of our corporate culture, the role are described, and introduced the role of corporate culture in the guide. The current cultural leaflets, we will continue to reference example to introduce the role of corporate culture restraints. And we also share with you about the corporate culture of business success and employee relationships personal growth articles, we want to help.

    The first part of the role of corporate culture

      Corporate culture has a major role in guiding, binding effect, radiation incentive effect, the role, the role of cohesion innovation.
    Binding effect: Constraint role of corporate culture primarily through improving management system and ethics to achieve.
    1. Effective regulatory constraints
    Enterprise system is one of the elements of corporate culture. Enterprise system is the internal regulations, business leaders and enterprises must abide by and implement, to form binding.
    2. The ethical constraints
    Ethics from the perspective of ethical business relations to constrain the behavior of leaders and workers. If people violate the code of ethics requirements, public opinion would be condemned, psychologically you feel guilty. Tongrentang pharmacy "to serve our health, excellence, fair trade and non-discriminatory" code of ethics binding on all employees must strictly follow the technical rules, strict quality management, and strict discipline.
    The so-called constraint that is to comply with the rules, let's look at an example of the rules:
    John once again the car to the city a large dealer service, this was his second time because of the same problem to fix it. Get the vehicles, responsible for the reception lady told him hundreds of dollars for repairs. John wanted to, as long as the car is indeed repaired, they had admitted.
    So he said: "Well, but I have to test to see whether it is repaired."
    "Yes, but you to pay in advance for repairs to the car and drove off."
    For their companies, but bits John large customers, his private buying a new car every few years from here. In addition, John worked for a large group is also in the hands of John each year from car dealers to buy up forty-five, the dealer deputed a salesperson responsible for tracking service.
    Reception lady for his situation clearly, so when John heard him take the car after the first payment, incredible.
    "Wait," he said, "You mean, I do not pay first, not able to drive away?"
    "I am sorry, sir, but I can not be bad the company's rules!" Miss said, "This is company policy, I can do nothing."
    Miss not deliberately making things difficult, but such practices really unpleasant. So, John stormed out. Returned to the company, he called up the dealer, he roared: "?! Do not you believe that I will pay it a mere repair it is simply ridiculous," after the dealer to find out what had happened, he immediately apologized to ensure We will properly deal with this matter as quickly as possible, and pledged to pay tolls John unsuccessfully to take the car, and personally handed over the car, John.
    However, surprisingly, the dealers and never do a deal with John, and asserted: "John or how long you have to pack up and go home, he has become an undisciplined person!"
    Sure enough, not long before John because rebate issue became public, was fired. This, almost all know who John was shocked, but also admired dealers prophecy.
    "No rules, no standards," not just an economic theorem, social norms, it is a life iron law. A collective, a society, there is no "rules", no system is unthinkable; likewise, a person, if not the "rules", it is possible to walk on the edge of danger.
    Early action is the institutional constraints, regulations hard constraints, but with the culture construction, promoting in-depth, hard to comply with the provisions of becoming conscious of compliance and create a good atmosphere of compliance with rule-based enterprise, the provision popular and gradually form a habit, then a hard constraint is transformed into soft constraints, new recruits were infected business atmosphere, but also formed the habit of consciously abide.
    Around us there are some good habits that soft constraints example. For example, our production plant, in order to ensure product safety, health, companies develop a number of related systems. Such as: floor waste products into the shop hand disinfection, the work does not touch the stuff that is outside of the like product. These seem to be difficult to remember for new employees, at the beginning of each employee into the plant are more or less committed a similar error, but with the ongoing work on the deepening understanding of the provisions of the workshop, each employees are not conscious of these provisions will form a habit, when problems arise, will be conscious of the right way to deal with, to see the new staff will take the initiative to remind mistake, avoid a hazard, when the provisions become conscious, hard constraint becomes become soft constraints. Each employee leaving work to form a good habit, that we carry out the implementation of binding corporate culture main content.

    The second part of the corporate culture on the relationship between business success and personal growth of employees

      Allow enterprises to success, so their growth
    Although we are not the owner, but we are in a business, we must rely on business to survive. Although we have different positions, but to enjoy the honor of our common enterprise, to jointly promote the development of enterprises.
    Employees and business are interdependent relationship, who can do without. Enterprises rely on staff development, staff rely on their survival. Staff from this dependence in the past to position themselves, recognize themselves, find their own position.
    Relying on strength to speak, with the performance of the positioning
    Enter an enterprise and is willing to continue the work of the staff which is tantamount agree with the company's philosophy, the remaining question is in the enterprise self-awareness and self-positioning, and ultimately find their place, thus maximizing their potential and realize their value.
    Each business has its own organizational structure, have their own jobs and processes. In business, there is no post does not assume responsibility nor liability does not get paid. The key question is, what you want to get a position in the enterprise, and be able to get any kind of position?
    We usually say that the performance of enterprises by the staff of co-creation, this is right. But the contribution of each individual enterprise is not the same position in the enterprise is not the same. Run enterprises according to law, employees in the enterprise to use the strength to speak, with the performance of positioning. In other words, we speak of influence depends on our own strength, and our position depends on our performance. No power, no influence; no performance, there is no position. To have strength, standing, we have to constantly improve the ability to create results.发现了工作的意义,就找到了自己的定位
      In business, we are not the owner, but we are in a business, we must rely on business to survive. Although we have different results, but to enjoy the honor of our common enterprise, to jointly promote the development of enterprises. So, we have a sense of ownership of and responsibility. As a member of society, the meaning of our lives from work to look for, and the meaning of work, from the value we have created to look for. Sometimes, when we find the meaning of work, we will establish our position in the enterprise.
    Shimizu of Japan to help the turtle, was originally a rubber factory worker, was transferred to the postman, the postman work due monotonous rigid, his one year after the dry, tired and want to change jobs.
    One day, when he saw the letter on the left pocket bike has not sent a letter, he exclaimed: "Oh! These stocks after the last letter, submitted his resignation immediately." Shimizu start the messenger by address . However, this letter addresses obscured because of rain soaked, so he looked for several hours, still can not find. Since this will be the last letter of his mailman career, he vowed to be sent to the sender hands. He patiently through the streets of the East asked the West to ask, and finally to the destination in the evening.
    When he was relieved to call someone to the recipient when a young man ran out of the house. The man saw the letter after happily Shimizu said: "I every day looking forward to this letter, is finally coming to address so clear that you can, really thank you very much!!" The young man in front of clean water surface can not wait to open the letter, after a few seconds he was overjoyed shouted: "! Dad, Mom, I passed the" Young people's parents ran out immediately after the hearing, the family holding each other excitedly ......
    This scene touching scene, so water deeply to experience the meaning of the postman job. He thought: "The extraordinary significance of the job, even if a few lines on the postcard, the recipient could have brought great comfort or joy I can not quit, I will continue to stay here.." From then on, he realized the work meaning, no longer feel boring and tired, but also the value of professional Shen Wu, one thousand is 25 years. From 30 years old to 55 years old when the postman, he hit an unprecedented 25-year perfect attendance record, the title of honorable people in, and won the Japanese emperor summoned the awards in 1963.
    In fact, whether in the enterprise or in the community, every job has the status of each job, there is the value of each post. You find the value and meaning of your post, you will find their own position.  

    A little progress every day  

    We all know the quality, quantity transformed philosophical truth: qualitative change requires quantitative accumulation, quantitative need to upgrade qualitative; quantitative accumulated to a certain extent, it will lead to a qualitative change. However, few people put this principle to work for. In fact, if we ever do get to act in accordance with this principle, every day, a 1% increase in productivity, after more than 70 days as long as we work efficiency can be increased by 1. Think about it, if we continue to persist, amazing how a person's work efficiency will be!

    Growth is a responsibility, a business-to your request, also the driving force for their own development. Success with the growth, the growth of a good staff to be able to get the final success. In fact, intelligence is not a big difference between people, the difference lies in the extent of human effort, that intention degree.
    For each employee, you get your salary is determined by the owner, but to how much of your work gives you is your own decision how much to increase the value of your work, but also by your own decisions. In your work, if you only get paid and not progress, then you're wasting your time up.
    There is such a story:
    Bill and Frank while entering a company, just a year into the company Houfulanke of wage increases, while Bill's wages have not increased, this, Bill found irate boss, ask why.
    The boss said to him: "You and Frank indeed somewhat different, I let you take a look at what is the difference between you." He then said to Bill:. "You look to the market price of cotton."

    Bill boss' request to market research about it, come back and tell the boss cotton prices. Boss then asked: "? How many shops sell cotton market shared" Bill had to shake her head, said they did not know. Boss Bill said: "You see how Frank is doing." Then the boss called to Frank and asked him to arrange the same task.
    Frank came back from the market, not only answered the price of cotton, but also explains the market has three shops sell cotton, cotton and understand the market potential, in order to allow the owner a clear understanding of the situation, he has to seek cooperation in the name of, The owner of the best quality cotton in a store, please come.
    Bill boss said: "You see, Frank is how to do it that's the two of you at the same time into the company, but wages have different reasons?."
    We see, in this story, the same job, in the eyes of different employee was given a different content, as it gives work to a different value. Intentions employees, always will be through to every detail, increase job content means to increase their value, continue to grow rapidly.
    (To be continued)

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