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    Shandong SANNIS Culture (II)

    Date:2015-7-24 09:43

    In the last issue of corporate culture propaganda page, we have a certain understanding of the basics of corporate culture, corporate culture and group related concepts, the core values of corporate culture have a preliminary understanding. Then the origin of the corporate culture like? Construction of what can play what role? Why should corporate culture, which is the current corporate culture propaganda SANNIS I love to tell the main page content.

    The first part of the corporate culture origin

    Corporate culture as a doctrine, but many entrepreneurs originally from experience. Theory of corporate culture is produced in the 20th century, the Western business community seventies and eighties. In 1938 the famous American management expert • Chester Barnard in the "management responsibility" made a run key business is about values. In 1957 the famous American management scientist Fei Nipu • Searle Lipetsk in "leadership and administrative" in the "leaders of the organization is to promote and protect the value of the main experts." 1970 American professor of organizational behavior at Boston University, Davis systematically proposed national culture, social culture, organizational culture. 1971 Drucker directly linked to management and culture, points out the importance of corporate culture, but did not cause the attention of management science at the time. After the 1970s leaves, since the post-war Japan astonishing speed, management scholars on the strength of corporate culture really shocked, they think Japan has been able to develop rapidly, mainly due to Japan's unique management style, height concentration values ​​agree. Corporate America is increasingly challenged by Japan, the status of US economic hegemony is threatened, is also eager to learn the secret of the success of Japanese companies over. So in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Japan and the US administration launched a comparative study of the boom, the boom spawned a theory of corporate culture. "Corporate culture", "success", "Japanese companies the art of management", "Z theory" works of this period is more representative of the theory of corporate culture, the development of the business world as a tremendous boost.
    Since the early eighties of last century began to spread our corporate culture, attention of the business community and theorists, and in 20 years time, has been developing rapidly. After China's accession to WTO, the corporate culture of this new management philosophy and management practices, increasingly showing her core competitive position and its splendor soul role in economic construction, especially in the era of knowledge economy, corporate culture enterprise development, performance management plays an increasingly significant role, the corporate culture on the formation of internal cohesion and external competitiveness of the role of much attention. In a sense, the corporate culture is a key factor in determining the success of enterprise, but also the inherent source of enterprise core competitiveness.

    The second part of the role of corporate culture

      With economic globalization is accelerating as economic globalization, the increasingly close links between enterprises, competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. Faced with this harsh reality environment, companies want to survive, we must improve their core competitiveness. Enhance the core competitiveness of needs within the enterprise to build a united and efficient workforce, improve product quality, service quality, brand image and ability to innovate with the times, and the corporate culture will have such an effect.
      Through the building of enterprise culture, and constantly improve employee performance and product value, and then continue to enhance the brand image, corporate core competitiveness has been strengthened, in order to win in today's international economic tide.
    Corporate culture has a major role in guiding, binding effect, radiation incentives, unifying role, the role of innovation, the current cultural garden first to introduce the guide.
    Guiding role: the guiding role of corporate culture is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is guided to the individual employee. The employee's personal goals guide to business goals up, the real self-development and corporate staff will be closely linked, so that "woe." We often say that let employees of the company as a family, in fact, that is the kind of "woe" realm. Second is to guide the development of the enterprises themselves, when companies face adversity, corporate culture can indicate the direction of development for enterprise development, to avoid wrong direction enterprise "mercenary" in the path of development, but also to regulate corporate behavior, to ensure that enterprises The development is always in the normal, healthy track.
      Case 1: Haier Group, "hit the refrigerator," event
    In 1985, Haier reflect a user: refrigerator factory production quality problems. So Zhang, CEO raided the warehouse and found the warehouse as well as 76 units failed fridge! At that time research approach, cadres comments: employee benefits as a treatment for the factory. Just when many employees very hesitant, Zhang has made contrary to "common sense" decision: to open a spot of all employees, the 76 fridge publicly shatter all! Moreover, the production of these refrigerators personally bash staff! Heard remark, many older workers on the spot to tears, you know, then do not say "destroyed" stuff, enterprises and even the wages are very difficult to open! Moreover, in the era of scarce goods also, not to mention genuine, it is also defective tickets purchased! So "spoil" everybody "distressed" ah! At that time, even the higher authorities and even Haier are unacceptable. But Zhang understand: If the release of these products, there would be no sense of quality! We can not tolerate any practice, you can tell that the defective production of refrigerators, or 76 units today, tomorrow may be 760 Taiwan, 7600 Taiwan ...... it must be compulsory, must be shock effect! Thus, Zhang chose the same mind!
    The result is a two-edged sledgehammer, TV drama with bursts of loud noise woke up really smashing Haier sense of quality! Since then, in the appliance industry, Haier refrigerator smashed 76 units failed to spread the story! As for the famous sledgehammer, Haier pushed you put in the exhibition hall, so that every new employee has to keep in mind when visiting it.
    Haier's success is because the company has been unswervingly uphold the core values ​​of corporate culture, what kind of impact would be if you deviate from the core values ​​of the enterprise caused it, we look at a counterexample.
      July 20, 2014, according to the Shanghai Broadcasting, the television news official microblogging reported, McDonald's, KFC and other Western fast-food supplier Häfele food company traced using outdated inferior meat. Shanghai Shanghai Food and Drug Administration department has asked all KFC, McDonald's products in question all the shelves.
    Shanghai TV News reporters Wo Di and Duo Yue, food companies Häfele on investigation, found a shocking ingredients is how organized the flow of McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, after the evening of 20 July 2014 broadcast, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration supervision departments overnight attack, the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration into the workshop once when blocking. Shanghai Food and Drug Administration department, said part of the documentary evidence has been controlled.
    July 22, 2014, the Food and Drug Administration and police interviewed the investigation team, the Fuxi company responsible person to admit that the use of expired materials, policy over the years has always been the case, and "operational problems" by a senior ordered .
    With further investigation, Fuxi event and give birth to a new doubt, according to the clues Shanghai TV reporter unannounced visits obtained Häfele Food Co., Ltd. In addition to the plant as well as a mysterious warehouse, dedicated to other brands moved warehouse, then put Fuxi own packaging.
    July 24, 2014, the Shanghai Fuxi products use two new enterprises amounted to 11. Related companies have returned, to cancel the order. Municipal Public Security Bureau has lawfully Häfele Food Ltd, who, quality managers six people involved criminal detention.
    Thus, once a departure from the core values ​​of the enterprise, will pay a painful price.
    The third part of the "I Love SANNIS" Cultural Knowledge Q & A
    1. What Shandong SANNIS's commitment to corporate stakeholders are? 
      2. What Shandong SANNIS philosophy is?
    A: Shandong SANNIS business idea is: "adhere to the people-centered concept, establish employee benefits led, customer interests first, shareholders greatest social benefit-oriented business philosophy, so that employees work happily grow, to reassure customers buy food, maximum returns for shareholders, so that the community feel the presence of the value of the company. "
    (To be continued)

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