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    Shandong SANNIS Culture(Ⅰ)

    Date:2015-7-24 09:40


      "I love SANNIS" corporate culture leaflets after two years more and we met up. Our corporate culture leaflets have accompanied us through a very long period of time Shandong SANNIS of enterprise culture and corporate culture propaganda, corporate culture literacy training, enterprise messaging, staff style show has played an important role by the vast number of workers.
    The "I Love SANNIS" corporate culture leaflets reenable, the main task is to hold high the "I love SANNIS" corporate culture banner, adhere to the "Fu Shan Shigenobu" core values ​​as the basis for corporate culture to lead the workforce, to improve Shandong SANNIS enterprise's core competitiveness, and promote progress in all aspects, more effectively compete in the market and lay a solid foundation.
    "I love SANNIS" corporate culture leaflets under water Culture Vosges mountains leading group, organized by the Shandong SANNIS Culture Working Group enterprise, we will communicate with you regularly exchange, transfer of information, but also hope that the majority of workers, if There are good ideas or unique insight in all aspects of plant culture, staff team building, staff and cultural activities around good deeds, suggestions for improvement of the working methods, etc., can actively contribute. At the same time, the requirements of various departments, workshops and cultural construction manager, information officer should promptly take the initiative to collect and collate close colleagues of the manuscript, and sent to Lu Kun (lukun@sanfod.com.cn), Mao Xiaoxia (maoxiaoxia@sanfod.com.cn ) mailbox. (If time is tight or inconvenient, may be contacted by telephone or SMS, escalation news tips, Culture Working Group staff will help you make timely written release.)
    Finally, I hope you will support corporate culture construction, work together to build a cultural force there, excellent quality excellent workforce. Thank you all!
    Contributors / escalation news tips Phone: Lu Kun: 15864236909/86838928
                           Mao Xiaoxia: 13465447298

    The first part of the corporate culture basics

    Corporate culture is all employees in entrepreneurship and development process, foster the formation of the supreme goal and follow the common, values, core values ​​and code of conduct. It is organized complex ideology, system and behavior, and symbology. Corporate culture aims to cultural management, which uses culture influence, promote enterprise development.
    Case 1
    Haier circulating a story: There was a girl in a Haier washing machine factory job, her 19-year-old came into the Haier Group, the girl's name is Wang Jun Sheng. She received three years of Haier culture baptism, three years after the disease had been diagnosed with leukemia. At a time when she was going to leave the world, and she and her family made her last wish: she wanted one last look at Haier she works. Immediately after her death, her family made her hearse at the gate Haier full stop for 15 minutes. What does this show? Only one thing, is the Haier Haier cultural charm makes this love this group.
    (Case 2)
    Two years ago Haier is also circulating a story: A university student Haier entered the work after a short period of time left Haier, to Shenzhen, a very well-known large enterprise groups as a department manager. But soon, he gave Zhang president wrote a letter to his letter, I now work for this company in Shenzhen, a high income, but I always felt I was missing something, I carefully think what is missing ? It is the lack of culture, lack of teamwork, lack of a transparent relationships. This is one of the Haier corporate culture embodied the role.
    With these two small cases, we can see that a good corporate culture is not only make the enterprise a huge success, and can effectively unite our employees, so that employees more love for our collective love our business.

    The second part of the "I Love SANNIS" meaning

      "SANNIS" Shandong Sanfod Nissui Ltd., in English, "I love SANNIS" namely "SANNIS is my home, I love my family," which expresses the feelings of all employees love the company. That is, as SANNIS employees, we want to love like love their homey companies, like love, like your family care colleagues to establish the company's collective sense of honor and sense of responsibility, in the workplace, down to earth, unity, and consciously Follow the company's development, and actively offer advice and suggestions for the company's development, contribute to the construction of their own homes. At the same time, as a family member to care for asylum companies own employees, business managers should care for their subordinates, enterprises should provide a good platform for personal development for employees. Which really set me proud to enterprises, enterprises a new situation proud of me and I was all, the people of my collective spirit, enterprise and employees together in harmony. 

    The third part of the "I Love SANNIS" Cultural Knowledge Q & A

    1, Q: What is the core values?
    A: The core values ​​is simply a social group based on the judgment of Social Affairs is a non-standard code of conduct to follow. For enterprises, the core values ​​usually refers to companies must have the ultimate belief, there is no time limit to lead the enterprise guiding principle of all business activities.
     it is to solve a series of guidelines for how to deal with companies in the development of internal and external conflicts, such as business-to-market for customers, staff and other views or attitudes.
     it affects the position of the enterprise and show how to survive
     It should not be confused with a particular corporate culture or business practices, we can not compromise the company's financial income and short-term goals.
    The core values ​​of the business in terms of absolute, having irreversibility.
    2, Q: What mountain Rover Group's corporate culture core values?
    A: Fu Shan Group's core values ​​of corporate culture is "Fu Shan Shigenobu" mountain in ancient Chinese explanation is towering, heavy and large. The Corfu in ancient Chinese explanation is that the meaning of integrity, classical "Ya" and once mentions - Corfu, the letter also. Shigenobu cultural Fu Shan is the ancient integrity of cultural heritage and continuity, to be exact, Fu Shan is Shigenobu mean, Shigenobu is the essence of the whole mountain Rover Group, which requires us to the integrity of cultural integration and applied to actual business process.
    Teng, chairman talked more than once - our business, anything can be changed, it only "Fu Shan Shigenobu" This one can not be changed. Learn Fu Shan Group's development history of the people can understand, "Fu Shan Shigenobu," the core values ​​established experience accumulated from numerous out, it is full of wisdom.
    3, Q: corporate culture departments work carried out there?
    ① enterprise culture construction leading group 

    ② Enterprise Culture Working Group

    ③ workshop Ministry of Culture and the building of enterprise leadership team

    4, Q: Workshop management culture, including what areas?
    A: The workshop covers a very broad management culture, to be exact, all good, positive,
    Workshop on aspects of production, quality, employee solidarity beneficial aspects can be used as elements of a culture and propaganda work.
    Specifically divided into: production of cultural, institutional culture, caring culture, encouraging culture, a culture of innovation,
    Quality culture, training, culture, talent development culture.
    (To be continued)

    Working Group enterprise culture construction
    July 23, 2014

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