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    Factory Profile

    Shandong SANNIS Co., Ltd., founded on Jun. 16th, 2004, is a food processing enterprise mainly engaged in aquatic products co-invested by Shandong SANFOD Group and Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. SANNIS covers an area of 108mu and invests RMB 220 million in construction of five modern aquatic product processing workshops and one 5000ton refrigeration house. On Nov. 14th, 2005, SANNIS was officially put into operation and realized an annual production capacity of 16,500 tons.

    Geographic Location

    SANNIS is located in West Coast New Area, Qingdao, one of China’s 12 national level new areas, enjoying obvious comprehensive advantages including location conditions, scientific and technological talents, marine resources, industrial basis and policy environment and unique conditions for promoting the overall planning of land and sea, unity between city and countryside and military and civilian integration development. Qingdao West Coast New Area owns China’s third largest container port. SANNIS is only 7km away from the port. Furthermore, Jiaozhou Bay bridge and Jiaozhou Bay subsea tunnel connect West Coast New Area and Qingdao downtown.


    High Quality Management System
    The objective of quality management is “Manufacture Reliable and Safe Products”.
    The factory establishes the quality management system through all staff and whole process quality control, supervision, inspection and implementation. Meanwhile, a strong quality control system is established by virtue of the professional supervision and guidance of Qingdao Nissui Food Research and Development Co., Ltd. established by Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. in the factory. At present, SANNIS has established a complete quality management system and has been certified to EU, HACCP, BRC and MSC.


    Hardware Facilities
    To manufacture reliable and safe products, SANNIS makes a huge investment to take the lead in technology.
    Water turbidity can reach 0.1 degree (the turbidity of tap water is 3 degree) and the bacterial count approaches zero through three layer filtration—sand filtration, activated carbon filtration and UF film filtration of water purification equipment. The best products are processed by using the purest water.
    SANNIS is the first enterprise in food industry using the air conditioning system with ice storage mode. It can reduces operating cost and realizes a safe and reliable work environment due to ice storage during off peak power consumption and ice melting and refrigeration during peak power consumption .
    The refrigerating system is the domestic first enterprise using the electronic direct expansion system and screw machine for two stage compression ammonia refrigeration. This new technology can promote the effect of quick freezing, controls refrigerating temperature and realizes excellent quality.


    Five production plants engaged in production of different products

    No.1 and No.2 plants are engaged in low-grade and high-grade processing of aquatic products. The products with different degrees of processing can be provided according to customer demands. The low-grade processed products include frozen fish fillet, portions and fish fillet blocks. The processed products include unheated fried white fish, fried horse mackerel, cooked fish and broiled fish. The high-grade processed products include pre-fried and seasoned food. No.1 and No.2 plants annually yield 3,700 tons and 8,400 tons respectively. 

    Plants No.3 is engaged in production of cold seasoned food for home use, annually yields 1,650 tons and adopts the single edible package based on the strict bacterial determination standards. The vegetable yield in Shandong ranks first in China, accounts for about 16% of the total output and ensures abundant material supply. 

    Plants No.4 produces bread flour and annually yields 2,350 tons. The bread crumbs are produced according to the characteristics of the final products by baking type and electrode type equipment.

    Plants No.5 produces fried products and annually yields 850 tons. It owns advanced equipment including full-automatic frying machines, packing machines, etc.


    Warehouse Logistics Capability 

    SANNIS owns 5000ton cold storage, which satisfies separate loading and unloading of raw materials and finished products without cross-contamination. Meanwhile, SANNIS has established long-term cooperation relationship with Itochu Cold Storage located at Huangdao Economic and Technical Development Zone to meet the storage need of all the raw materials and finished products.

    In logistics, SANNIS enjoys advantageous geographic location. Sanfod International Logistics Co., Ltd., affiliated to Shandong Sanfod Group, actively assists SANNIS in coordinating import and export links including customs clearance, commodity inspection, port discharge and cargo transportation and to set up a high efficiency logistics system.